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SPECIFY4IT™ - Future Software Development

Precision Design Technology (PDT), the IT systems experts, introduces a solution that challenges accepted wisdom and changes software development. That sounds dramatic but it describes SPECIFY4IT™ exactly.

Developed by PDT, SPECIFY4IT™ replaces the existing software development cycle. The SPECIFY4IT™ toolkit enables users to go directly from specification to source code without human implementation, using quick, efficient, and error-free rule-based code generation. Code is bug free and precisely matched to your agreed specification. Importantly, SPECIFY4IT™ delivers code closer to the point of requirement enabling you to stay ahead of your competitors.

SPECIFY4IT™ re-engineers the software development cycle by offering:

SPECIFY4IT™ is radically different from other software and information systems development tools. Its ability to generate fully-working application code directly from the specification is a world first. The implications for IT systems development are vast and more far-reaching than code generation.

SPECIFY4IT™ will produce the results you need for your business. That includes accurate specifications that all users can easily understand and verify to check in detail the required functionality, sequence and results.

SPECIFY4IT™ potentially cuts software development costs by up to 50%, allowing users to develop systems more quickly, using less staff and involving less cost. Maintenance costs are also dramatically reduced because the systems produced have no human-introduced bugs, as is the maintenance burden of system updates due to changing business requirements.

SPECIFY4IT™ software development is significantly faster than its competitors because automated reasoning systems do most of the work, swiftly and correctly, freeing you and your staff for work on other projects. Arriving at the agreed animated specification may take a little longer than using traditional methods; from there on everything happens swiftly. Code is delivered using web browser interfaces within a matter of minutes or hours – even on the most complex systems.

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