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Specification Issues

Consider some relevant properties of an average specification:

Specifications are usually written in English, and may use a set of diagrams and other devices to express some features of the specified system.

Such a document is usually large and complex - for all but a trivial system.

The team creating the specification is unlikely to understand fully what is contained within the specification, to what degree ambiguity exists or how it affects the perceived operation of the system.

The business user who wants the system will read the specification with a different understanding of the system operation from that intended by the specification team. The business user may well not understand some of the specification due to lack of knowledge of the language, diagrams or other devices in the document.

It is impossible for the specification as written [ambiguously] to be compared with what the business user wants in a clear and concise way.

We have reached the point where traditionally blame begins. The costs are escalating. The system is late. It has an unknown number of bugs hiding in it and management has no idea of what their effect may be on the business. Maintenance is looking like a nightmare in the making.

Why subject yourself and your business to this hassle if there is a better way?

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