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Tailored Solutions for Software or Business Process Analysis

PDT can develop bespoke software or tailor off-the-shelf packages to provide customers with a solution to their business problems.

Our specialist knowledge in business process analysis enables us to:

PDT can help ensure your current computing systems work at their best and enable you to gain full advantage from newly implemented systems.

Practical Achievable Software Solutions

PDT enables practical, achievable solutions based on hands-on experience of your business environment. We bring together the best components to suit your requirements and deliver a ready-to-use integrated solution.

PDT is at the forefront of this discipline, applying its knowledge and skills to create leading solutions. SPECIFY4IT™ is the latest result of a continuing programme to bring the benefits of high integrity software to your business at an affordable and attractive price.

Software Engineering

The techniques and tools available in SPECIFY4IT™ reduce project time scales and costs while delivering systems of exceptional quality. More important, SPECIFY4IT™ gives business users confidence that the system will be right, and will deliver the precise functionality they want.

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