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The Business Application of IT

Strategic Planning

PDT has helped its clients overcome many IT business issues. These include companies wanting to expand or reconfigure a business, those uncertain about the future extent of IT, and management needing to understand the business-wide implications of changing processes.

PDT can analyse these and similar problems and present clear and understandable solutions. This approach simplifies the decision process for you and your business colleagues. PDT does not decide for you, but presents clearly defined choices for you to consider.

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Feasibility Studies

PDT can undertake 'What If' studies of various choices (under your direction) to present clear and logical outcomes. Most businesses today do not have on-the-shelf resources waiting for such studies. However, they do need a reliable source of expertise to deliver the information when it's needed – that source is PDT.

Where modelling of a business segment is appropriate, PDT would propose using SPECIFY4IT™ to provide clear, unambiguous specifications of existing or planned business systems. These systems do not need to be wholly in the IT domain and may include paper based parts of the business. Clarity of view can be assured - the perspective provided by PDT.

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Needs Analysis

System users are often insistent that they want 'something different' or 'something better' and claim they know precisely what they want. Unfortunately this is rarely true. How do you translate their thoughts into something the developers can understand? How do you quantify those needs to form the basis of an external procurement?

PDT can capture users' needs and present them in a form to serve your requirements. We can talk ‘technical' to developers and talk ‘business' to management. PDT can also present requirements to external providers.

We ensure that requirements are accessible to you and your users – with everyone understanding what is needed. This enables users to take ownership knowing that their needs have been clearly expressed.

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Business Process Modelling

Your business must move faster, be more efficient and more customer-facing. However, you need to know how information flows through your Value Chain before you can start working on the issues.

PDT can analyse - to the detail level you choose - the process steps that make up your business and present the information in a clear and concise form. PDT will also help you recognise and take ownership of the information. As a result you will make confident decisions that are right for the business. Additionally, you will base those decisions on a precise view of processes that you understand.

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