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High Integrity Business Systems

Software Engineering Theory for Business Software

Using high integrity systems is alien to most businessmen. High integrity systems are associated with life-critical medical, avionics, space and nuclear applications where the consequence of loss of control is extreme and can endanger life. A small central core of such high-cost systems protect against catastrophic failure.

PDT has applied software engineering theory to business software and has created SPECIFY4IT™. Building a deceptively simple method, based on a solid mathematical foundation that is totally invisible to the user, PDT offers high integrity business software at a fraction of the cost associated with conventional software development. Using tools developed to support the method, PDT is able to produce running code that is free of human-introduced bugs that plague both users and developers throughout the implementation and maintenance phases.

Systems produced using SPECIFY4IT™ are delivered faster, for less cost and offer notable savings in the maintenance phase where only changes due to business change are required. Faster development cycles means faster to market and quicker response to externally applied changes like regulatory changes.

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