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This page features links to organisations with whom we do business or have a business partnership.

Logic Programming Associates (LPA)

LPA design and build world-class solutions for Artificial Intelligence, including state-of-the-art Prolog compilers, Chimera Agents, the flex expert system and VisiRule graphical business rules.

We use their systems to create the core reasoning system within the SPECIFY4IT™ Workbench, providing our capability to check and reason about the specifications our users create for their systems.

Escher Technologies Escher Technologies

Escher Technologies researches, develops and delivers tools for the efficient construction of provably correct software.

We use their systems to provide provability features in the SPECIFY4IT™ Workbench and to generate provably correct code for some of the languages the Workbench supports.

Daubeneys IT Daubeneys IT Services

Daubeneys tackle problems, provide solutions and maintain IT systems for a wide range of business and private users. Their highly trained team aims to remove IT concerns from busy managers.

Having Daubeneys on your side is a bit like having your own IT department but without the cost that normally entails.

KPI Business Services KPI Internet Marketing

KPI offer Internet Marketing Training, Coaching and Mentoring support throughout the UK.

We have used their services to improve our marketing reach and to enhance our web site search engine performance.

Accredited Marketing

Accredited Marketing Ltd provides Telemarketing, Training and Consultancy services for Business-to-Business organisations that are looking to increase and develop their sales and client base.

Their Telemarketing and Telesales services include Appointment Making, Lead Generation, Cold Calling, Database Cleansing, Mailshot Follow ups, Data Purchase and Keep in Touch campaigns to generate sales.

They also provide Telemarketing Consultancy to ensure you have the most appropriate and effective campaign plan and Training to help you develop your own telemarketing / telesales staff and to get the most from your campaigns.

Merrie Marketing

Kim has helped us through a difficult year and added to the fund of our marketing skills. If you need a mentor, a coach or a speaker who has been there and got the T-Shirt, Kim is the person to talk to.

Positive Internet

Positive Internet has provided several types of hosting for us, including our website. Their Customer Service response and performance is awesome!

Solve the Web

Solve the Web have provided us with web site design and hosting for several years.

If you want helpful, reliable and critical advice in web-related matters, you should click the link and see what Solve the Web have to offer.

If you want us to contact you, click here and complete the form.