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John Warren Chief Scientist and CEO

John founded PDT in 1984 following 20 years experience in computer science and information engineering. He holds a B.Sc (Eng) degree in Electrical Engineering from London University and an M.Sc degree in Software Engineering from the University of Oxford. He is skilled in analysis, specification and requirements engineering for information systems and in the subsequent synthesis of effective solutions to computing problems. John has extensive experience of software engineering, relational database, and artificial intelligence technologies, and of their successful practical application. He is also familiar with the use of formal methods in critical information systems.

John has held project responsibility throughout the software life cycle for major projects over periods of several years and has been responsible for teams of up to 25 graduate professional staff. He has been a member and chairperson of several professional committees within both the BCS and the IEE and was for a time a member of the IEE Control and Automation Board. For two years, he held a Visiting Fellowship at Greenwich University. He is a Chartered Engineer and a Fellow of the British Computer Society.

During the last two decades John has specialised in Requirements and Specification Engineering. This includes strategy definition; requirements elicitation, business and data analysis; information systems definition; and systems analysis and architecture definition. He has also been an expert witness on three occasions in High Court cases where faulty software was the subject of litigation.

John is responsible for developing and managing SPECIFY4IT™, a new technology using artificial intelligence for the requirements analysis, system specification and test definition of information systems. PDT has developed a suite of software tools to implement this new technology.

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