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Founded in 1984, Precision Design Technology (PDT) is led by its Chief Scientist and CEO, John Warren.

PDT delivers high-quality Business Process Analysis, and offers SPECIFY4IT™, the finest business system modelling toolset in the industry. Warren developed SPECIFY4IT™ to revolutionise business process modelling, development and testing.

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PDT Blog

We have views on many aspects of our work and pressures and influences that bear upon it. The blog reflects what we see from our viewpoint and is offered as comment only. View the blog here.

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PDT Values and Ethics

PDT believes in sharing knowledge and experience to empower customers. PDT enables clients to implement effective business change.

PDT treats clients as individuals and does not expect them to conform to a universal standard.

PDT values its clients, and their people, that's why our client relationships are based on openness and integrity.

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