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Logistics and Parcels Delivery

PDT provided business analysis in a small team for the logistics processes for parcels handling, plus considering data collection using bar codes and data sharing processes.

Office Machinery and Document Management

With a background with one of the major players in document management, PDT provided important expertise. Employing business process analysis as a pre-cursor to any business change is a wise precaution supporting a business case and a salutary lesson in identifying precisely the scope and content of the change.

Personal Insurance and Pensions

Business analysis of the sales cycle for personal insurance products. PDT planned revised processes using technology to extend the reach of data to the client at point of sale.

Research and Development

PDT developed a specification tool for requirements definition (SPECIFY4IT™) which embodies a defined syntax and semantics. This work is complete and tools developed to carry the specification process forward to a new position where machine reasoning is applied to the specification material. This enables both the exercising of the specification (animation) and the production of fully functional working code directly from the specification.

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PDT used its high quality specification tools for analysis of number and number block allocation processes. PDT identified weaknesses in systems and proposed solutions that could be demonstrated while still in the specification stage.

Expert Witness

When a major IT system fails, the ultimate recourse is to litigation. PDT has provided requirements definition and specification expertise in three major litigations. The purpose is to find out what actually happened (a forensic activity), what went wrong, and why (analysis); and then to present these findings in a manner that intelligent people other than software experts can understand.

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